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Timothy C Wang
Timothy C Wang, MD
Silberberg Professor of Medicine and Chief, Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases
Full Member

Department: Medicine - Digestive and Liver Diseases

ICRC Rm 925

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Disease Models: Cancer (Gastric, Colon Pancreatic, Esophageal, Lung, Skin)

Stem Cell Categories: Bone marrow derived, Mesenchymal, iPS, Adult stem cells

Model Organisms: Mouse

Themes: Cancer, Internal Organs

Dr. Timothy C. Wang is the Silberberg Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Division of Gastroenterology at Columbia University Medical Center. He received his MD from Columbia University, followed by clinical training at Washington University and Harvard/MGH. His main interest is in the role of inflammation and stem cells in carcinogenesis. He established Helicobacter- mouse models of gastric cancer and was the first to report a role for bone marrow-derived stem cells in gastric cancer. His laboratory has also identified markers for human gastric cancer stem cells, and showed that overexpression of a single cytokine (IL-1beta) was sufficient to induced gastric tumorigenesis. This year he has reported on novel markers (Cck2r) for colonic stem cells. As the leader of the Columbia University Tumor Microenvironment Network, he has recently investigated the importance of the stem cell niche in governing stem cell differentiation, and how this niche is altered in chronic inflammatory states that predispose to cancer. He is currently investigating the role of both fibroblasts and immature myeloid cells in carcinogenesis, and has demonstrated that mesenchymal stem cells undergo asymmetric cell division and generate their own niche cell (Cancer Cell 2011). Dr. Wang is a recipient of the AGA Funderberg Gastric Cancer Award, a member of ASCI and AAP, and is the Editor of the first textbook on gastric cancer, “The Biology of Gastric Cancer� (Springer 2008). He is Associate Editor for Gastroenterology and Editor in Chief of Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology. He is the author of more than 190 peer-reviewed publications.

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