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Richard S Mann, PhD
Higgins Professor
Full Member

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

HHSC 1104

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Disease Models: Neurological Diseases, Sensory Disorders

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells, Tissue progenitors

Model Organisms: Invertebrate

Themes: Stem Cell Biology

I carried out my Ph.D. work at M.I.T., studying murine retroviruses with David Baltimore. I began working on Drosophila development as a postdoc at Stanford University, with David Hogness. Since establishing my lab at Columbia University in 1990, I have mentored ~14 Ph.D. students and ~10 postdoctoral research fellows, who have continued with their own careers in biomedical science. Since 1990, my lab has been studying several aspects of Drosophila development, including gene regulation, Hox gene function, cell proliferation, and cell-cell signaling in the legs and other appendages. More recently, we have begun to study the development of the motor neurons that innervate the adult legs in the fly. Our focus has been on characterizing the neural stem cells (neuroblasts) that give rise to these neurons, and the combinatorial transcription factor code that gives each motor neuron its unique characteristics. In parallel, we have begun to develop and use behavioral assays to study the function of the motor circuit that is used for motor coordination as flies walk.


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Peng, W., Slattery, M. and Mann RS.
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Baek M, Mann RS
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Estella, C., McKay, D., and Mann, R.S.
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