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Richard B Robinson
Richard B Robinson, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology,
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs

Full Member

Department: Pharmacology

PH 7W-311

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Disease Models: Cardiovascular Diseases

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells

Model Organisms: Human

Themes: Heart, Bioengineering

My laboratory studies regulation of expression and function of cardiac ion channels in development and disease, and explores methods of gene and cell therapy to treat brady and tachyarrhythmias. Cell therapy approaches take advantage of the fact that adult mesenchymal stem cells have endogenous gap junctions that will couple with those present in myocardial cells. Thus, a stem cell that is engineered to express specific ion channels will effectively deliver the current passing through those channels into contiguous cardiac cells via these gap junctions. This approach does not require the stem cell to differentiate into a cardiac cell, but only to electrically couple to the cardiac cell and maintain expression of the exogenous channel gene. Related research with collaborators explores the utility of this gap junctional pathway for delivering small molecules into target cells, including siRNA.


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Potapova IA, Doronin SV, Kelly DJ, Rosen AB, Schuldt AJ, Lu Z, Kochupura PV, Robinson RB, Rosen MR, Brink PR, Gaudette GR, Cohen IS
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Rosen AB, Kelly DJ, Schuldt AJT, Lu J, Potapova IA, Doronin SV, Robichaud KJ, Robinson RB, Rosen MR, Brink PR, Gaudette GR, Cohen IS:
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Plotnikov AN, Shlapakova I, Szabolcs MJ, Danilo P Jr, Lorell BH, Potapova IA, Lu Z, Rosen AB, Mathias RT, Brink PR, Robinson RB, Cohen IS, Rosen MR
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Valiunas V, Polosina YY, Miller H, Potapova IA, Valiuniene L, Doronin S, Mathias RT, Robinson RB, Rosen MR, Cohen IS, and Brink PR
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