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Michael M Shen
Michael M Shen, PhD
Full Member

Department: Medicine
Genetics and Development

ICRC Rm 217B

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Disease Models: Cancer, Congenital Disorders

Stem Cell Categories: Cancer stem cells, ES and other embryonic stem cells

Model Organisms: Human, Rodent

Themes: Cancer

The Shen laboratory pursues studies in two distinct areas: 1) TGF-beta signaling and its regulation in mouse development and in embryonic stem cells. 2) Prostate development and cancer, focusing on the role of epithelial stem cells in organogenesis, tissue regeneration, and tumor initiation. First, the laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms that regulate embryonic pattern formation and lineage-specific differentiation, focusing on the role of the TGF-beta ligand Nodal and its EGF-CFC co-receptors. Several current projects utilize stem cells derived from mouse embryos for these studies, including analyses of Nodal pathway function in the regulation of differentiation of extraembryonic stem (XEN) cells and epiblast stem cells (EpiSC). Secondly, the Shen laboratory investigates prostate organogenesis and cancer using mouse models, focusing on the roles of epithelial stem cells and androgen signaling. A major focus of ongoing work in the Shen laboratory is the analysis of a stem/progenitor population (termed castration-resistant Nkx3.1-expressing cells, CARNs) that is critical for androgen-mediated prostate regeneration and corresponds to a cell of origin for prostate cancer. Ongoing studies are examining stem cell function in prostate organogenesis as well as the role of potential tumor-initiating cells in prostate cancer.


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