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Jeremy M Mao, PhD, DDS
Professor and Zegarelli Endowed Chair
Full Member

Department: College of Dental Medicine

VC 12 North

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Themes: Bone and Teeth

Jeremy Mao's laboratory has broad interest in multiple, postnatal stem/progenitor stem cell populations including bone marrow, adipose, hematopoietic and dental/craniofacial stem cells. Mao lab also has expertise in biomaterials fabrication and controlled release of biomolecular cues. Mao lab has ongoing experiments to put cues, cells and/or polymers in vivo for regeneration of tissues and organs. Expertise in the laboratory includes stem cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, polymer chemistry, biomaterials fabrication, controlled release and in vivo models. Cross-disciplinary approaches are being adopted to create tissue and organ analogs for ultimate application in patients.


Lee CH, Cook JL, Mendelson A, Moioli EK, Yao H, Mao JJ*
Regeneration of articular surface of synovial joint by cell homing. Lancet 376(9739):440-8. (2010)

Lee CH, Shah B, Moioli EK, Mao JJ*
CCN2/CTGF defines mesenchymal origin of fibroblasts and the fate of connective tissue healing. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 120(9):3340-9. (2010)

Yang RJ, Chen M, Lee CH, Yoon R, Lal S, Mao JJ*
Clones of ectopic stem cells colonize muscle defects in vivo. PloS One 5(10):e13547. (2010)

Moioli EK, Clark PA, Dennis JE, Erickson H, Gerson SL, Mao JJ*
Synergistic actions of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells in vascularizing bioengineered tissues. PloS One 3(12):e3922. (2008)

Shah BS, Clark PA, Stroscio M, Moioli EK, Mao JJ*
Labeling of human mesenchymal stem cells and during lineage specific differentiations by bioconjugated quantum dots. Nano Letters 7:3071-9. (2007)

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