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Joji  Fujisaki
Joji Fujisaki, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Director of In Vivo Imaging at Columbia Center for Translational Immunology

Full Member

Department: Pediatrics

BB 15-1501F

Disease Models: Cancer, Transplantation

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells, Cancer stem cells

Model Organisms: Rodent, Human

Themes: Blood, Cancer

My research focus is to uncover immunological attributes of the stem cell niche that have remained unexplored despite extensive research efforts made in the field of stem cell biology and of stem cell transplantation. The overall hypothesis is that, like the testis and the placenta, somatic stem cell niches are immune suppressive environments, termed immune privileged (IP) sites where immune activities are suppressed to prevent immune attack against stem cells. Using a novel in vivo microscope that enables direct visualization of dynamic cellular kinetics in live mice, I have recently revealed that regulatory T cells, T cell subset with an immune suppressive potential, accumulate in the hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell (HSPC) niche in the bone marrow, and allow the HSPC niche to be an IP site. The niche will provide stem cells with a novel sanctuary from immune attack. I will further investigate the clinical significance of IP in the HSPC niche.


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Fujisaki J†, Wu JW, Carlson AL, Silberstein L, Putheti P, Larocca R, Gao W, Saito TI, Celso CL, Tsuyuzaki H, Sato T, Côté D, Sykes M, Strom TB, Scadden DT, and Lin CP†(†corresponding author)
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Saito T*, Fujisaki J*, Carlson A, Lin CP, Sykes M. . (*equally contributed)
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