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Iva S Greenwald
Iva S Greenwald, PhD
Full Member

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Genetics and Development


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Disease Models: Cancer

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells, Germ cells

Model Organisms: Invertebrate

Themes: Stem Cell Biology

The ability to perform incisive genetic and molecular analyses in simple model organisms has lead to important insights into fundamental mechanisms underlying human development and disease. We study LIN-12/Notch, a major signaling system that mediates cell-cell interactions in all animals, in C. elegans, taking advantage of powerful tools for genetic and molecular analyses. Our work is concerned with fundamental properties of LIN-12/Notch-mediated cell-cell interactions and mechanisms that regulate LIN-12/Notch activity in developmental and/or disease contexts. We identify general modulators of LIN-12/Notch signaling through genetic screens for suppressors or enhancers of phenotypes caused by aberrant LIN-12/Notch activity, and we study two cell fate paradigms that have implications for stem cell biology in mammals. Using the Anchor Cell (AC)/Ventral Uterine Precursor Cell (VU) decision as a simple lateral specification (lateral inhibition) paradigm, we focus on how feedback mechanisms amplify small initial differences in the level of LIN-12/Notch activity. Using the Vulval Precursor Cell (VPC) specification paradigm, we study how LIN-12/Notch and EGFR-Ras-MAPK signaling events are integrated to create a precise spatial pattern; in addition, we study the relationship between developmental timing, quiescence and cell fate plasticity during continuous development and an apparent reprogramming event that occurs during the extended period of cellular and developmental quiescence imposed by the dauer larva state.


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Li, J. and Greenwald, I.
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Choi, ,M.-s., Yoo, A. S., and Greenwald, I.
sel-11 and cdc-42, two negative modulators of LIN-12/Notch activity in C. elegans. PLoS ONE 5(7):e11885. (2010)

Dunn, C.D., Sulis, M.L., Ferrando, A.A. and Greenwald, I.
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