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Gloria H Su
Gloria H Su, PhD
Assistant Professor
Associate Member

Department: Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery

ICRC 10-04

Personal Website

Disease Models: Cancer, Gastrointestinal Disorders

Stem Cell Categories: Cancer stem cells, Tissue progenitors

Model Organisms: Human, Rodent

Themes: Cancer

Our research focuses on human cancer genetics and mouse modeling for human cancers. We have published extensively on the identification of oncogenes and tumor-suppressor-genes and generation of novel mouse models, with emphasis on pancreatic cancer and head and neck cancer. Our current research involves the uses of genetically engineered mouse models to develop early detection, test novel therapeutics, study the process of metastasis, and investigate the tumor microenvironment.


W. Qiu, X. Li, H. Tang, A. S. Huang, A. A. Panteleyev, D. M. Owens, ,G. H. Su.
Conditional activin reporter type IB (Acvr1b) knockout mice revealed hair loss abnormality. Journal of Investigative Dermatology :. (2010)

D. J. Lee, F. Schönleben, V. E. Banuchi, W. Qiu, L. G. Close, A. M. Assaad, G. H. Su
Multiple tumor-suppressor genes on chromosome 3p contribute to head and neck squamous cell carcinoma tumorigenesis. Cancer Biology & Therapy 10(7):1-5. (2010)

F. Schönleben, W. Qiu, J. D. Allendorf, J. A. Chabot, H. E. Remotti, G. H. Su
Molecular analysis of PIK3CA, BRAF, and RAS- oncogenes in periampullary and ampullary adenomas and carcinomas. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 13(8):1510-16. (2009)

W. Qiu, G.-X. Tong, S. Manolidis, L. G. Close, A. M. Assaad, G. H. Su.
Novel mutant-enriched sequencing identified high frequency of PIK3CA mutations in pharyngeal cancer. International Journal of Cancer 122:1189-94. (2008)

W. Qiu, F. Schönleben, H. M. Thaker, M. Goggins, G. H. Su.
A novel mutation of STK11/LKB1 gene leads to the loss of cell growth inhibition in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Oncogene 25:2937-42. (2006)

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