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Ed  Laufer
Ed Laufer, PhD
Assistant Professor
Full Member

Department: Pathology and Cell Biology

P&S 15-415

Disease Models: Endocrinological Diseases

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells, Tissue progenitors

Model Organisms: Avian, Rodent

Themes: Internal Organs, Stem Cell Biology

Dr. Laufer's lab is interested in the regulation of steroid producing cells in the adrenal cortex. They study how the adrenal gland forms during embryonic development and how cell populations within the gland are regulated postnatally in response to variations in physiological inputs. They have identified stem/progenitor populations present in the cortex, and are exploring how intercellular signaling pathways regulate the growth and differentiation of these cells, with a current focus on Sonic hedgehog signaling. In addition they are undertaking projects to differentiate ES cells into adrenocortical lineages. These should produce improved cell culture models of adrenal function, and might also contribute to the development of cell replacement therapies for adrenal insufficiency disorders.


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