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Donald W Landry
Donald W Landry, MD, PhD
Samuel Bard Professor and Chairman of Medicine
Physician-in Chief, NYP/Columbia

Associate Member

Department: Medicine-Nephrology

PH, 8th floor, Rm 105

Personal Website

Disease Models: Drug Screening

Stem Cell Categories: ES and other embryonic stem cells

Model Organisms: Human, Rodent

Themes: Stem Cell Biology

Donald W. Landry, M.D., Ph.D., is Samuel Bard Professor of Medicine, Director of the Division of Experimental Therapeutics, and the Chair of the Department of Medicine. His basic research program focuses on drug discovery and artificial enzyme approaches to intractable drug targets, e.g., cocaine addiction. His discovery of vasopressin deficiency and hypersensitivity in vasodilatory shock is the focus of his clinical research. He has pioneered the harvesting of live blastomeres from dead embryos as a source of human embryonic stem cells.


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