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Daniel D Kalderon
Daniel D Kalderon, PhD
Full Member

Department: Biological Sciences

1013 Fairchild Bldg, Morningside campus

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Disease Models: Cancer

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells

Model Organisms: Invertebrate

Themes: Stem Cell Biology

Dr. Kalderon's laboratory studies (1) the mechanism of Hedgehog signaling and (2) the biology of ovarian follicle stem cells (FSCs) in Drosophila. FSCs self-renew while producing proliferative progeny that form an epithelium around the maturing oocyte. The FSC epithelial stem cell paradigm promises insights into mechanisms governing self-renewal, how two or more stem cells collaborate within a developmental unit, and how mutations may facilitate the earliest steps of carcinogenesis. Initial studies exploiting our ability to mark individual stem cell lineages and assess the impact of genetic manipulations, have revealed that a remarkably large number of signaling pathways, including Hedgehog, JAK-STAT, Wnt, BMP and PI3 Kinase pathways are required for normal FSC maintenance, while excessive activity, especially for Hedgehog, JAK-STAT and PI3 Kinase pathways, leads to FSC amplification or invasion of new territory. A genetic screen yielded several other intrinsic components with FSC-selective roles and revealed that most FSC defects lead to FSC loss from the niche rather than apoptosis or proliferative arrest. We are now looking more closely at the FSC itself to understand how the variety of relevant signaling pathways and intrinsic functions, including adhesion systems, mitochondria and determinants of cell cycling, interact to determine FSC self-renewal and niche location.


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