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Cathy L Mendelsohn
Cathy L Mendelsohn, PhD
Associate Professor
Full Member

Department: Urology
Pathology and Cell Biology
Genetics and Development

ICRC Rm 311

Disease Models: Congenital Disorders, Cancer

Stem Cell Categories: Tissue progenitors

Model Organisms: Rodent

Themes: Internal Organs

Dr Cathy Mendelsohn is an Associate Professor in Urology, Genetics & Development and Pathobiology. Her studies use mouse models to (i) identify stem cells/progenitors that give rise to specialized epithelial cell types in the bladder that may also contribute to cancers (ii) investigate the role of retinoids as regulators of pancreatic islet cell differentiation.


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Viana, R., Batourina, E., Huang, H., Dressler, G.R., Kobayashi, A., Behringer, R.R., Shapiro, E., Hensle, T., Lambert, S. and Mendelsohn, C.
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Apoptosis induced by vitamin A signaling is crucial for connecting the ureters to the bladder. Nature Genetics 37:1082-89. (2005)

Loredana Quadro, Leora Hamberger, Max E. Gottesman, Fengwei Wang, Vittorio Colantuoni William S.Blaner and Mendelsohn, C.L.
Pathways of vitamin A delivery to the embryo: insights from a new tunable model of embryonic Vitamin A deficiency. Endocrinology 10:4479-90. (2005)

Levinson RS, Batourina E, Choi C, Vorontchikhina M, Kitajewski J, Mendelsohn, C.L.
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