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Cory T Abate-Shen
Cory T Abate-Shen, PhD
Michael and Stella Chernow Professor of Urologic Sciences (in Urology)
Full Member

Department: Urology
Pathology and Cell Biology
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

ICRC Rm 321
212- 851- 4735

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Disease Models: Cancer, Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Themes: Cancer

The long-standing interest of our laboratory is to understand the relationship between the processes that control normal development and those that lead to cancer. A major focus of our research has been the analyses of vertebrate homeobox genes, which encode transcriptional regulatory proteins that are essential developmental regulators and are frequently deregulated in cancer. Over the years, our laboratory has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate how homeobox genes regulate gene transcription during development, as well as how their aberrant expression contributes to tumorigenesis. This work has led to the generation of new mouse models of human cancer, which have provided important insights regarding mechanisms of tumorigenesis, as well as pre-clinical models for chemoprevention and chemotherapy. In parallel, our investigations of the functions of homeobox genes in development have provided insights regarding the fundamental problem of how homeoprotein transcription factors achieve target recognition in vivo during murine embryogenesis and how homeobox genes regulate stem cell function in development.


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