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Angela M Christiano
Angela M Christiano, PhD
Full Member

Department: Dermatology
Pediatrics-Molecular Genetics


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Themes: Skin

Richard and Mildred Rhodebeck Prof of Dermatology and Prof of Genetics & Development

Recent advances in stem cell research have revealed that not only can adult cells serve as stem cell repositories for the tissue they derive from, but they exhibit a remarkable degree of plasticity and can differentiate into other cell types when put in the right inductive environment. Dr. Christiano has initiated a comprehensive program of cellular transplantation and reprogramming that holds great promise toward advancing the feasibility of successfully treating a broad spectrum of disorders of the skin, as well as providing a source of easily-accessible multipotent adult stem cells for the regeneration of other organs. Dr. Christiano will define the potential for adult skin and hair follicle stem cells to regenerate themselves, as well as to serve as a source of donor cells for the generation of neurons, bone, cartilage and other cell types. Her lab will exploit the inductive properties of adult hair follicle dermal cells combined with 3D culture and tissue engineered scaffolds to induce new hair follicles. The lab will use adult hair follicle epidermal stem cells and hair follicle dermal stem cells to create a skin equivalent that leads to scarless wound healing. Dr. Christiano's lab will define conditions to direct the differentiation of adult hair follicle dermal cells into other cell types, such as neuron, bone, cartilage or bone marrow. Finally, the lab will use adult hair follicle dermal cells to induce other epithelial tissues (such as cornea or amnion) to become skin with hair follicles. It is anticipated that her work will significantly advance the knowledge base in the field of regenerative medicine as it applies to the skin as both a donor source and recipient of reprogrammable adult stem cells.

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