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Alex  Dranovsky
Alex Dranovsky, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Full Member

Department: Psychiatry

Kolb Annex 116

Disease Models: Psychological Disorders, Transplantation

Stem Cell Categories: Adult stem cells, Tissue progenitors

Model Organisms: Rodent

Themes: Brain, Stem Cell Biology

The ability of adult hippocampal stem cells to produce neurons is highly susceptible to psychosocial stress and enrichment. Dr. Dranovsky's lab is interested in examining how stress and enrichment affect stem cells, their lineages, and their contribution to hippocampal circuitry and function. Their current studies explore whether adding new stem cells to the adult hippocampus plays a physiological role for adaptation to stress. They are also using environmental interventions to unravel the molecular programs that make the stem cell niche permissive to producing more stem cells or more neurons. Deciphering these pathways will not only guide treatment development for stress-related disorders, but should also enlighten our prospects for regenerative medicine in the adult brain.


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