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Advances in Examination & Treatment of Patients with Selected Knee Conditions, May 8-9, 2015
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May 8 2015 - May 9 2015
This two-day course provides the participants with advances in examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment strategies and outcomes research for patients with selected knee conditions. Various principles of practice of the master clinician, such as clustering of signs and symptoms and using an algorithm-based process will be discussed and practiced. The clinical hands-on demonstration will emphasize an algorithm-based clinical examination for efficient time management in the clinic. The scientific and clinical rationale for rehabilitation strategies and progressions will be discussed. Participants can expect to learn innovative and creative treatment interventions with various knee conditions. Case studies will be presented to facilitate effective treatment planning. Suggested treatment protocols and outcome measures will be emphasized throughout the course. Videos of examination and treatment techniques will be presented and discussed throughout the course. This is an interactive course that will provide didactic activities to encourage participants to integrate this information into the development of customized programs to enhance the quality care of their patients.

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