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Date: 2017-08-18

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Amount Requested

1 gal (3.78L) liquid waste container

1 gal solid waste container

5 gal liquid container

5 gal open top pail

2 gal sharps container

8 gal sharps container

Biohazard (red bin)

Blue glass bin (chemistry)

Biohazard (regulated medical waste bin)

Blue glass bin (contaminated glassware)

Other (use comments section)

Comments/Special Instructions:

Important Information:

Regulated Medical Waste (sharps, red bags, grey bins)
Medical Center- For all RMW services and supplies at the Medical Center, please contact Facilities Operations at 212-305-7367 ext. 3
Morningside- Chemistry (Havemeyer & Chandler)- Please place an online Chemical Pickup Request for services and supplies. For all other locations, the University’s vendor will service your locations on Tuesdays and Fridays. Waste should be placed in the hallway the morning of service between 9am-11am.

Radioactive and Mixed Waste
Radioactive or mixed waste pick up and supplies can be requested via

Cardboard Glass Boxes (Morningside Only)
EH&S does not service or supply cardboard glass boxes. If a cardboard glass box is needed, please visit ChemStores or the Biology Stockroom. When the cardboard glass box is full, please tape the lid closed and place it in the hallway for pickup by Facilities Operations for recycling. Please be sure to complete the white glass box pickup label prior to placing it in the hallway for pickup by Facilities Operations.

For removal of equipment, please contact your Research Safety Specialist for clearance at

More Information
More information on waste management can be found at:
Disposal Guide (Morningside):
Disposal Guide (Medical Center):

Contact EH&S
Morningside- (212) 854-8749
Medical Center- (212) 305-6780
E-mail (all campuses)


First, verify that all chemicals meet the following conditions
(Check each item):