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Date: 08-18-2017

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Important Information:

Radioactive and Mixed Waste-
For information or service options regarding radioactive and mixed waste, please contact the Radiation Safety Office at (212) 305-0303.

Proper management of Radioactive Waste-
More information regarding the proper management of chemical/hazardous waste can be found at Morningside, CUMC, LDEO, NEVIS.  Please contact EH&S at (212) 854-8749 (MS) or (212)305-0303 (CUMC).


Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Supplies:

  • At Morningside only, RMW supplies (red bags, sharps boxes, grey bins) are provided through EH&S.
  • At Medical Center campus, RMW supplies (red bags, sharps boxes, grey bins) are provided through
    Facilities Operations via a service request or by calling x5HELP extension 3. Please do not use a
    chemical or radioactive waste pickup request for these items.
  • Do not use red bags for chemical or radioactive spill debris.
  • Pipette tips and other sharps must be collected in rigid, puncture resistant containers. Bags of any type are prohibited.

All chemicals of the the following conditions must be met
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