Biomedical Informatics: Discovery and Impact

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  • Gregory Hruby
  • Gregory Hruby

    Clinical Informatics

  • Education
  • BA, 2004 University of Colorado, 9/2000 - 5/2004
    MA, 2009 Columbia University, 8/2007-2/2009
  • Background
  • Before joining DBMI I spent time in two different Labs. For 4 years I managed a minimally invasive laboratory where new devices and techniques were applied and tested in urologic applications, this includes but is not limited to robotic, laparoscopic, and endoscopic procedures. Following my time in the minimally invasive lab I joined a urologic oncology outcomes research lab. In my capacity as a research project manager I implemented a research informatics tool which enabled clinicians to ask complex outcome questions for all urologic disease. I hope to expand upon this experience at DBMI.