Biomedical Informatics: Discovery and Impact

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  • Daniel Stein, MD, PhD
  • Daniel Stein
    Assistant Professor of Clinical Biomedical Informatics

    Assistant Director of Medical Informatics Services, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital,
    Deputy Director of Clinical Informatics, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Education
  • BA, Human Biology - Brown University, 2000
    MD - Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2005
    MA, Biomedical Informatics - Columbia University, 2009
    PhD, Biomedical Informatics - Columbia University, 2011
  • Research Interests
  • Dr. Stein's research focus is on patient care transitions and continuity of care. He has studied how EHRs and clinical documentation are used to support end-of-shift patient handoff, conducted analyses on the cooperative management of clinical tasks across such transitions, and ultimately aims to use information technology to improve the safety of this common and dangerous aspect of clinical workflow.

    Other research interests include clinical information summarization, clinical collaboration and communication support tools, clinical decision support and evidence-based care, mobile and Web 2.0 technology in healthcare.
  • Current Projects  close
    NYP Clinical Dashboards
    Description: In collaboration with the IT department of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, we develop and evaluate real-time views of enterprise-wide clinical data that informs safe, effective, and efficient clinical care. The dashboards are created using Microsoft's Amalga platform.
    Sponsor: NewYork-Presbyterian
    Dates: 2011-
    The Handoff Support, Standardization and Safety (HS3) Initiative
    Description: The Handoff Support, Standardization and Safety (HS3) Initiative is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional collaborative project that focuses on improving inpatient care transitions. We develop tools, training methods, and educational materials that can be used by hospital clinicians to ensure that inpatient handoff is conducted in an efficient, safe, and standardized manner.
    Sponsor: DBMI I2RC
    Dates: 2006-
    Identifying Surgeons' Adherence to Evidence-Based Best Practices
    Description: Using our enterprise data warehouse we are examining surgeons' adherence to evidence-based best practices, and identifying critical points in the decision trees that support optimal care. We aim to intervene with decision support tools at these critical points to improve local practice.
    Dates: 2011-
    Clinician Tools Development
    Description: In collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital IT and Microsoft Health Solutions Group, we are designing novel tools to support clinician workflow and data management in the context of a large, complex medical center with multiple clinical information systems.
    Sponsor: NewYork-Presbyterian
    Dates: 2011--
  • Courses  close
    BINF G4011 Acculturation to Medicine (Lecturer, 2010-Present)
    MIMD N02P0 Biomedical Informatics for Medical Students (Co-Director, 2012-Present)
  • Selected Publications  close
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  • Honors and Awards  close
    1994 National Science Foundation Young Scholars Program, Northeastern University
    1997 Hughes Biology Scholars Fellowship, Brown University
    1998 Royce Fellowship for Distinction in Research, Service, and Leadership, Brown University
    2001 Levinson Fellowship for Innovative Opportunities in Medical Education, Mount Sinai Sch of Med
    2004 Mount Sinai International Ethics Fellowship to Study Bioethics, Oxford University
    2006 National Library of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Biomedical Informatics, Columbia U
    2007 2nd Place Prize American Medical Informatics Association Student Paper Competition
    2009 2010 ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work Doctoral Colloquium, Savannah, GA
    2010 Finalist in the American Medical Informatics Association Student Paper Competition
    2011 HIMSS-NY Chapter Student Scholarship for PhD Students
    2011 Distinguished Poster, American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium
  • Committees  close
    2011-Present - Manuscript Reviewer, Academic Medicine
    2011-Present - Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of General Internal Medicine